July 28, 2010

Alphabet Wall Collection

A Time For Everything Alphabet Wall

I found this alphabet wall at A Time for Everything thanks to The Nester.  As a teacher and avid reader, I adore the printed word and am drawn to using that in decorating my home. 

Ohdeedoh Alphabet Wall

Melissa at "A Time for Everything" found inspiration in this alphabet wall pictured at Ohdeedoh.  I love the button for the "O"--where do you suppose I could find a big wooden button?

Pottery Barn Alphabet Wall

Thumbing throught the latest Pottery Barn Kids catalog, I found this.  I like the other two alphabet walls better, but this one offers inspiration as well.  I especially like the horseshoe for "U".

I would love to have an alphabet wall in my living room.  It seems like a huge project, and I'm not sure I'm artistic enough for it, but I'm going to start tracking down letters!


  1. Hello,
    for the big wooden button, tutorial here:


  2. Hello again,

    giant buttons here too:


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