August 20, 2009

Babies Are Sweet

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I just love little coffee shops--especially when they are in historic homes packed with character. On this particular afternoon, the Blue House overflowed with women and little girls celebrating a baby.


Kristyne is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Kohen this fall. She's always cute, but she is absolutely glowing right now.

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Her sister Kate and friend Tara hosted the shower. They hung baby clothes and baby pictures in the window on a clothesline. The effect was amazing--the sun shone through the pictures and made them look like they were printed on vellum.

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Bags of jelly beans proclaimed that "Babies are Sweet" and thanked guests. These were especially popular with the little girls at the party.


Kristyne received lots of adorable baby things, and everyone enjoyed visiting. The thing I enjoyed most was watching her brother Tom take pictures. I learn so much from watching others compose their shots and seeing how they use their equipment. Plus, I just think it was really sweet that he braved all those women to photograph his sister's baby shower!


  1. What a beautiful shower - and you know, a lot of its beauty is in YOUR photos. You are really good!! The baby things hung on the line, etc. - wow. Oh, and to answer your question from my place ... I went on a 4-H (achievement??) trip to DC, and to 4-H (congress/conference??) in Chicago ... we were probably in DC on the same trip, but diff. years. Small world!!

  2. What a special shower! She must have felt very loved. :)


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