July 31, 2009

Chance of Showers

I don't give my kids an allowance. They have certain chores that are their responsibility, but those are simply their contribution to our home. If they want to earn some money, they know they must do extra tasks that are above and beyond the daily chores. Their favorite money-making opportunity is cleaning my car.

My boys have learned to wash and dry the exterior as well as vacuum, wash surfaces, and clean windows inside the car. They like having an opportunity to earn some money; I like having a clean car.

At any rate, they recently asked if they could wash the car. They gathered the supplies and went outside. Later I stepped out to check on them and found this:


My oldest had my umbrella from the trunk. Had a sudden rain shower begun on this sunny July morning? Hardly. The source of the rain was my youngest who was busy directing a steady stream of water over the umbrella.


Naturally I ran to get my camera, laughing as I went. I thanked God that I have hard-working little boys who know how to enjoy their work.

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  1. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog. You've got a *great* blog! I love all the fabulous photos and the information you've shared about the calf and the falcons. Your 10 yr old is quite the artist. I love the tiger picture.

    It looks like your blog is off to a fantastic start!


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